FranchiseBase Features

An overview of features that make it easy to connect, manage and grow your franchise network
Franchise Manuals

Create, store and track your franchising manuals in one secure location, giving you complete control over their access and usage.

Manage Franchise Leads

View all of your franchise leads in one place, assign actions to them and create updates as they move through your recruitment process.

Import from Every Source

FranchiseBase handles the import of your leads from your website and franchise portals to reduce your admin time.

Automate Communications

Create a complete schedule for your franchise leads to send automated e-mails and text messages with full tracking.

Smart Rules

Create smart rules to automatically move prospects from one stage to another.

Detailed Analytics

Track every aspect of your franchise, from manual and document usage through to engagement with franchise prospects.

Control your Brand

Store all of your branding assets in a single location to ensure your branding is consistent across the network.

Document Storage

Securely store documents essential to your day to day operations, and control which users can access them.

Notifications & Tasks

Create trackable notifications when a manual or document is updated, and assign tasks for users to complete.

Discussion Forums

Encourage collaboration and discussion within your network, share insights and retain company knowledge.

Access Anywhere

Use FranchiseBase from anywhere on a mobile or tablet device through the responsive web application.

Portal Links

Create portal links to all of the other essential tools your network uses to succeed each day.

Users & Locations

Manage your staff and franchisees and their locations to keep track of your network.

Reports & Exports

FranchiseBase offers a range of reports to export your data for easy use in other applications.


Only pay per location, so the system scales with you. Discounts available for franchises with over 15 locations.

Features in Detail

A Detailed look at all of the features FranchiseBase can offer your franchise

Franchise Manuals

Access your essential manuals from anywhere and on any device

FranchiseBase makes creating, updating and sharing manuals easy, with a range of feature benefits such as bookmarking, searching, sharing, revisions and comments.

The Manuals system is at the core of FranchiseBase, allowing franchises to choose who should access which manuals, ensuring that your intellectual data stays secure and under your control.

We understand how valuable your franchising and operations manuals are, so we've included a range of features to take the headaches out of managing them.

  • Security
    Only users who you've granted access will have the ability to view manuals. FranchiseBase employs the latest security methods and 2FA (two-factor authentication) methods.
  • Flexibility
    Structure your manuals in a way that works for you, and re-use sections for other manuals where a user or group may not need access to the complete document, e.g. Health & Safety, HR.
  • Accountability
    See who has viewed your manuals, when they last viewed them and send notifications to your network when you've made new updates.
  • Accessibility
    Access the latest versions of your manuals anywhere and on any device.

Above all we've simplified the task of managing your franchise manuals, so you can keep your network up to date with the latest updates as soon as they happen.

Franchise Recruitment

Manage franchise leads and automate communications according to your recruitment process

FranchiseBase simpifies both the recruitment and management of new franchisees, starting from their initial enquiry.

Our Franchise Recruitment software captures leads from multiple sources including your website, franchise portals and manual upload, so you can view and manage prospects in a single location to collaborate on with your team or recruitment consultants.

At a glance, Franchise Recruitment for FranchiseBase offers:

  • Automated imports from your website and franchise portals
  • Automated E-mail and Text Message Scheduling
  • Collaboration with your team on progressing leads from initial enquiry to completion
  • Increased conversions by effectively managing your leads through actions and reminders
  • Useful analytics to provide an insight into your recruitment campaigns

Whether you're a new franchisor looking to recruit your first franchisees, or an established franchise with your own recruitment manager -  FranchiseBase offers the tools to make managing your prospect list easy and recruitment more effective. 

Automate communications to recruit more franchisees

Once a prospect enters the system, sending automated e-mail and text message follow-ups is simple with comprehensive in-built scheduling features, enabling you to recruit more franchisees through regular communication and updates.

The template designer simplifies the process of creating new e-mail campaigns and text messages personalised to the prospect, so you can focus on what's important - the content of your marketing.

Tracking the success of your campaigns is essential to monitoring and improving engagement. With FranchiseBase, you can monitor open rates, read rates and the links that your prospects click for every e-mail you send.

Define your own recruitment process

FranchiseBase doesn't make any assumptions around your recruitment process. Instead, you define your recruitment steps and progress them as the prospect progresses through the process.

Once your process is defined, you'll see your prospects on a per-stage basis, whether they've just registered for your brochure or they're about to begin training.

Keep a record of communication with every prospect

It can be difficult to manage a list of prospects, with regular back and forth e-mails and calls in the early stages of recruitment it can be easy to lose track.

In FranchiseBase, every prospect has their own record where you can:

  • Create actions - Define actions that require follow-up by a specific date, either for yourself or a member of the team.
  • Add notes and updates - Add updates to prospect records for a full paper trail of communication with every prospect.
  • Automatically import e-mails - When e-mailing a prospect, blind copy your unique FranchiseBase e-mail address to add its contents to the record.

Make your first impression count

When a new lead registers their interest in your franchise, whether from your website or a franchising portal - your first e-mail will likely include your franchising brochure.

FranchiseBase allows you to upload your franchise brochure, define your welcome e-mail and rest easy, knowing that every prospect receives a great introduction to your franchise regardless of where they registered.

Brand Bank & Documents

Keep your franchise network on-brand and make all of your branding assets accessible

As a franchisor, you want to ensure your branding is consistent across your entire franchise network.

FranchiseBase simplifies the process of ensuring your franchisees are using the latest branding assets so you can be sure that your brand message is clear to every customer that sees it.

Using the Brand Bank, you can upload all of your brand assets to a single location that your franchisees and teams can access and download for use in their own locations.

Further optimise your branding process by providing editable PDFs to reduce on design costs and order materials quickly.

Follow this handy checklist to ensure your franchise network has access to the materials they need to succeed:

  • Logos in all of the correct formats
  • Print Materials incl. Business Cards, Flyers, Letterheads and Compliment Slips
  • Stock Photography with rights usage across your network
  • Company fonts and other visual assets

When materials are refreshed or changed, update them in the Brand Bank and send a notification to your network with just a couple of clicks.

Organise and share Documents with your network

In addition to branding, group and upload all of the essential files and documents that your franchise needs to work effectively in its day to day operations.

The Document Storage area allows you to define who can access specific documents too, as well as giving you visibility over who has accessed them and when.

Notifications & Tasks

Send tasks & updates to your network with just a couple of clicks

It's always a challenge to keep your network up to date, but FranchiseBase makes it easy to send, track and confirm your notifications and tasks have been received.

Using Notifications & Tasks, you define who should receive your communications based on:

  • User
    Send notifications to specific users on the system
  • Groups
    Notify specific groups such as your Franchisees, Head Office or Support staff.
  • Locations
    Share information with specific franchise locations.

You can send notifications and tasks based on specific categories, such as when you make a manual amendment, upload a new document or just a general update for your teams.

Once you've sent your notification or task, you'll get real-time updates to confirm your users have received it, accepted it and responded if necessary.

With Tasks, you can specific due dates and priority levels so your teams can prioritise specfiic tasks for follow-up. 

Ultimately, Notifications & Tasks provides a trackable way to keep your franchise network up to date on all of the latest developments from head office, from franchisees down to the operational staff that deliver an outlets services on a daily basis.

Discussion Forums

Share insights and retain company knowledge through the discussions area

Encouraging collaboration and communication amongst your franchise network can help your teams feel both better supported and improve shared knowledge.

Your own franchise Discussion Forum means your team can share insights, ask questions and better collaborate through a secure area.

The Discussion Forum allows you to:

  • Create new Topics and categories
  • Pin important topics for future reading
  • Reply and subscribe for updates

By having a shared area for franchise related discussions, you'll have the opportunity to retain knowledge that will be available for future franchisees and teams, as well as helping to create a collaborative, supported space for your franchise network.


View network engagement and track how your franchise network keeps up to date

FranchiseBase tracks usage data so you can gain useful insights into your franchise network and how your teams engage with it.

By logging activity, administrators can gain a clear insight into how your franchisees and wider network use the system.

This includes:

  • Tracking who has viewed Manuals, Documents and Brand Bank files, including the last date it was viewed
  • Overall recent activity data on a per-user basis
  • General statistics on system usage over time
  • Exporting data for further processing and usage (e.g. importing to Excel)

Analytics gives you the insights you need to understand how your network is engaging with FranchiseBase and utilising the information, documents and tools you provide, so you can make more informed decisions.

Users & Locations

Manage access to your data and group users by their franchise location

FranchiseBase is for your whole network, not just your franchisees.

Designed for use by all staff, we devised a simple set of roles to make controlled access to important manuals and documents easy. These include:

  • Administrators
  • Head Office Staff
  • Consultants
  • Franchisees
  • Support Staff

When you create a new manual or upload a document, you can control which user groups will have access to it.

Further, FranchiseBase provides a visual structure of your Franchise network, displaying your registered franchisees and their staff based on franchise location.

As your network expands, introduce new Franchise Locations with just a couple of clicks and begin creating users assigned to that location.

Mobile & Tablet

Accessible on the go

FranchiseBase has been designed as a responsive application that can be used on any smartphone or tablet, with all features available and accessible at any time.

By using FranchiseBase you'll no longer feel tied to your desk, so you and your network can access all of the features of FranchiseBase from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Access on Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop (with an internet connection)
  • Optimised for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Cloud hosted in a secure UK data centre with maximum up-time

This has appeal not only for you and your franchisees, but also your field staff who are always on the go and need to access important manuals, documents or access tasks and notifications.

Security & Backup

Keep your data secure

With FranchiseBase, the security of your data is paramount.

We make sure your important data is kept secure as possible through:

  • Two-factor authentication for your system users
  • A unique, secure instance for every FranchiseBase customer hosted within the UK
  • Full administrative controls to create and de-active users, control access and more
  • Per-instance SSL security
  • Hourly off-site backups
  • Technical support